the gods xx by Donald Kuspit



my wonder left you


as a vacuum,

                         mired in the black space

of memory.

                     rummaging through death

i found you in ramshackle


flamboyantly innocent

                                          with light,

idiosyncratically ideal

                despite the emptiness. 

pursued through pathos,

                                                you were more protean

than passion,

                         changing shape at will

to spite time. 

                        again and again your enigma

exhausted itself,

       but my wonder was your fountain

of youth.

     blindly feeling my way

through your invisibility,

          almost stopped

by the steepness of your silence,

               i finally reached

beyond the limits

        of my consciousness,

and held you fast

                                 in the thin air of my love,

embracing your echo

                in the distance

opening my eyes

                                to your remoteness.



2005-2009 Per Contra: The International Journal of the Arts, Literature and Ideas

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Donald Kuspit