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A Dreamerís Guide (To Wine) by Valerie Fox

Wine. Wine isnít what went wrong with the Roman Empire but it might be whatís going wrong with you.

Wine-Amnesia. Akin to nakedness, forgetting the wine gift reflects poorly on your domestic skills.

Wineacre, Winesap. Members with these and other surnames should move to the front of the line. Have your union card ready.

Wineapple. See Wise-ass.

Wine-cellar. Foretells superior amusements coming your way. All the better if you feel trapped.

Wine-density. Factor in color. It vectors like Little Christian trudging dutifully through a human heart, toting a cleansing broom.

Wine-making. To dream of this portends the consummation of something like love.

Wine-tax. Last night found you frantically trying to insure all of your cars, including those you had abandoned.

Wine. (before execution) What made you do it? Jesus and Mary wine available until Friday at discount. You are not the first one to acquire blurry vision at this stage of life.

Wooden Shoes. Like Bordeaux, never too hot and never too cold.

World Brands. Dinner culture caught you off guard. That suicide pill thatís supposed to wake you up just ran down the kitchen sink.

Iím here to tell you why you dream so much about wine.


Valerie Fox coedits Press 1, Her most recent book is Bundles of Letters Including A, V and Epsilon (Texture Press, 2008), a compilation of poems written with Arlene Ang. Her poems have appeared in numerous journals, including Siren, The World, Hanging Loose, West Branch, Phoebe, Printed Matter, No Roses Review, Poems Niederngasse, 5 Trope, Feminist Studies, and The Painted Bride Quarterly. Currently she lives in New Jersey with her husband and daughter, and teaches in the Department of English and Philosophy at Drexel University, in Philadelphia, PA.


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