Scenario with Feet Sticking Out by Rosa Alice Branco translated by Alexis Levitin


We lie down on the unmade bed.

A pile of blouses falls. A summer floor.

Love late in the afternoon, with life in disarray,

things all over the place. Even the silence is

in disarray. I like this scenery.

There is a truth to it, who knows why.

My old room always a mess

with books on the floor at the foot of the bed. To feel

that life is not a useful thing and cannot fit a schedule,

and you even less so, without the sheet folded back,

your feet sticking out. That was what I wanted

in my life. Not a hole in the ozone layer,

not a hole from hunger or from bullets

passing through the bed sheets of the world.

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Rosa Alice Branco

Alexis Levitin


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