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Wagon Mound by Darlin' Neal

"We were heading to the old peopleís house in Wagon Mound.  They had a garden, like my grandma and aunts back in Mississippi, though, of course, not nearly so plentiful and it didnít feel like such a community thing.  Still I thought of groups of people when I was there, because thatís what the name of the town made me think of, people all living in wagons circled around a fire who decided, Letís make a town here. "


Departure: the Great Dream by William Jay Smith

"I have known that poem by heart for over fifty years and have also over those years read any number of translations of it by English poets living and dead. Suddenly one morning I thought it strange that of all those English renditions, however successful they have been, I could not remember a single line."


Nano-Fiction by Bill Turner

"The fifty-fiver and sixty-niner forms of flash fiction are often confusing and difficult to define.  Like all forms of flash fiction, these forms are short stories.  But unlike the longer flashes, they are distilled into a powerful and pure essence.  A fifty-fiver, or sixty-niner, must adhere to the same principles as a five hundred to seven hundred word flash, but it must deliver a story in one-tenth of the space."


Solar Panels and Polar Bears by Bill Turner

"But the decision about the polar bears sets up a challenging situation from the standpoint of analysis.  If we take the models used at face value, we still have an overwhelming question to answer.  Do human beings have the ability to alter those models?  I have an answer for that question.  Human driven global warming, or climate change, is bunk."



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