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Mother of Pearl by Sally Bellerose

"Mom and Dad sit at the kitchen table arguing over which makes a better grilled sandwich, provolone or cheddar, and whether or not they had relations, that is to say sex, before they were married."


Teatime with John Gaaru by Kiran Bharthapudi

"I had never before traveled to cities where married women donít wear saris. Moreover, I had never traveled alone. I tucked the loose end of the sari around my waist and using my hands and knees I piled much of the luggage onto the cart. Fifty-one years of my life in India was reduced to two suitcases, a cabin baggage and a handbag."


Riding Monkey with Pako by Victor Ehikhamenor

"The day we went to Pakoís compound and knelt with rosaries in our dusty fingers, I did not say Tue Maria, gracia von or any prayers. I did not see the use of the prayers anymore and did not care if Mr. Michael heard my voice or not. I buried my face in the hot red ground where I used to play with Pako, packed burning sand in my mouth and swallowed my cry."


Heavy Transport by Beverly A. Jackson

"Williams is with the South Carolina unit.  That group is ready to go home.  Azizi wonders what they go back to - TV and big cars?  The United States has plenty of its own rich Cairos.  Yet he knows some of these boys also live in backwoods poverty like the roof dwellers of Egyptís filthy poor. "


The Hill and the Valley by Lauren Schenkman

"They were tired of the pool. Every day, and almost every night when the air itself was like a body of water, they would launch in, screaming to scare away the junebugs that bobbed on the surface, and wave their hands at each other underwater, doing somersaults, holding their breath till their lungs screamed, their hair streaming, the pool light shining through the chlorine to give their skin a green cast."







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