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The Queen stood for what seemed

hours while Barbaro


was honored after they had had

to put him down. Why


do they race them so young?

Money. She wore a lime-


green outfit, even her shoes

matched. Her hat was no


surprise to those of us

who remember half a century


of  royal millinery

adorned with clusters of cherries


or sprouts of fake ivy.

Her keen eye for the horses


was dispassionate but

the announcement that she rides


her horse on weekends spoke to me.



Is there so much to do

Monday through Friday when


you’re Queen? Dutifully standing

through all the lesser races


and taking the steps without

a hand on railings, that is


queenly. But some wicked

Wednesday I’d like to see


Her Majesty, entourage and all

in the saddle.








The Kentucky Derby by Maxine Kumin





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