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Fernando Iturburu

Alexis Levitin

Carlos Eduardo Jaramillo





Đ 2005 - 2008 Per Contra: The International Journal of the Arts, Literature and Ideas. 





And I Had Lost Granada

When I went off to study in Quito
I took my hometown Loja with me in my bags
like someone keeping eucalyptus leaves among his clothes
to remind him of the freshness of the forest.
In Quito we went on living and drinking like Lojanos
and thatīs how I became such friends with the father of the blond
who lived across from the dive where we ate
and where on Saturdays Viennner-Sport would flow like a river 
that red-neck beer as the Quiteņos call it
but the only one within reach of our shocking thirst and squalid pockets
I was such friends with the father
that the golden girl didnīt want me
and she became one more beauty in the well of shipwrecked desires
a little more wood for my heart to be tempered in its flames
it was around then that I committed for the first and last time
the treason of opening the letter of another for the honor of a friend
worse for him the letter confirmed his fears
and my heart started to traverse the mirrored room of life
to learn that labyrinths are not only in the head

and that the Minotaur stalks within us all
we sensed even more
that confusion would persist
and that it is better not to enter into darkness unless

you have at least the light of a small lamp
and the cruelest thing of all, that the other may be innocent
Freddy, the poet, in any case must have been /all poets are/

on top of that his musculature did not invite violent clarifications
and that the things of love one suffers or enjoys but cannot argue.


When I came to Guayaquil on the other hand
already a lawyer
I left Granada behind
I said goodbye with a long alcoholic lament of several days
during which I drank with successive generations
arm-wrestling with the younger toughs
playing the guitar with the older ones
truly lingering on the threshold of departure
          at the hour of the last embrace.
When I came to Guayaquil everything was already written.
And I had lost Granada.



And I Had Lost Granada by Carlos Eduardo Jaramillo translated by Alexis Levitin and Fernando Iturburu



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