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Fernando Iturburu

Alexis Levitin

Sonia Manzano





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Brief Remarks on Love




I place the word love

close to my ear

and it tells me nothing


I sink my canines

into the deceptive pulp of love

and its flesh exudes

a taste of ash


And I let fickle love

graze with its firm thighs

the shield of ice

that protects my fears

and love withdraws

wounded by the shards

of my frigid fever.


I caress a bad memory of love

with my amputated hand.




Take away this cup from me

don´t ask me to speak of love

don´t make me sweat clotted blood

on this most arid

mount of olives


I clasp my hands in prayer

and beg “let there be love”

but love is not given


How can you ask me

to speak of something I still have not invented?





I do not want love

to come again to bore into my heart,

that turning of the screw

in vivid red




As long as I preserved

a certain capacity for love

I was an acceptable poet

now I am

a silenced Sybil

unable to predict

which vessel with no destination

will bring you to your destiny



Brief Remarks on Love by  Sonia Manzano translated by Alexis Levitin and Fernando Iturburu


Read the poem in Spanish